Life can get pretty hectic at times and people always need that pressure valve to let off some steam and enjoy themselves.

That is why we turn to entertainment, to shut out the grind of everyday life and just enjoy some downtime. There are various forms of entertainment that people turn to, including cinema, music, festivals, theatre, sport, dance, musicals, opera, stand up comedy and many more.

On these pages, we will take an in depth look at all the various forms of entertainment that we can turn to in order to take a break from life and just enjoy ourselves as individuals and in groups.

You will find information on some of the most venues that are used for entertainment purposes and some of the major events that are hosted there.

You will also find information about some of the greatest entertainers that have lived, ranging from music icons to film stars and television actors.

On these pages, you will also find the history of some of the biggest entertainment events; how they started, how they evolved and what they have become today.

Entertainment is a vast subject, and hobbies or pastimes can also be considered as being such. You will also find a section covering topics that are not as popular as mainstream forms of entertainment, but worth looking into nonetheless.

You will also find a section on entertainment forms that are specific to certain parts of the world, but not others. Cultures are very different, but the one constant is that people need to be kept entertained to be happy.