Cinema and Film

Cinema and Film is another entertainment form that is a staple all over the world. Cinema evolved from the silent movies in the early 1900s to the incredible productions that we see released today in three dimensions.

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Action Films

This film genre is the most popular one out there because it appeals to all sections of society. The director tries to keep the audience on the edge of its seat with incredible sequences of death-defying heroics by the hero. These films usually feature lots of stunts, car chases and fight scenes that are designed to keep the audience hooked. The story line usually comes second.

Science Fiction

This genre used to be a niche market, but it has grown incredibly over the years, especially since the advent of computer generated imagery. The sky really is the limit with this one, with script writers and directors telling the most fantastic stories imaginable. The interesting thing is that science fiction concepts have often become reality.

The Suspense Thriller

In these types of films, the director keeps the audience guessing till the very last moment. The film often has many twists and turns and the audience needs to stay focused to keep with the story. Method acting often comes into play with such films.

Horror Films

These films are intended to shock, frighten and even disgust the audience. There is usually no real story line and the aim of the film is usually just to frighten the audience witless. It is a bit of a niche genre, but it is still very popular, particularly with young adults.


These films will replicate the life story of real figures. From politicians to actors themselves, biopics attempt to tell the story of a real human being in a truthful way.

Period films

These films are set in a particular time frame in history. They will often be cinema versions of classic stories and novels that were written hundreds of years ago.

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