Music Festivals in Europe

Although Europe is normally known for beach holidays in the summer, you can actually combine the two in one. You can swim and dance in Spain or you can attend one of the best rock festivals in Belgium. This page gives you the lowdown on the best


Spain’s Benicàssim festival allows you to hang out on the beach or party and listen to music. You can have a few drinks and dance the night away at the festival proper and then just head down for a morning swim to clear away the cobwebs at the pristine beaches just 20 minutes away. It is known for bringing some of the best guitar players on stage and music starts at 5pm and plays all the way through to the next morning. It started with an attendance of 50,000 back in 2008 and in 2016, a whopping 150,000 descended on the town.

Rock Werchter

This festival has been held since 1976 near the village of Werchter in Belgium. In the past it attracted a mainly local crowd, but it has grown hugely in popularity, mostly because of the incredible line-up of acts that it puts on show. It also appeals to a particular audience because they know that rock is what they want to hear and rock is what they are going to get. The event is held over four days and has won six accolades in recent years for being the best live music event in the world.

Roskilde Festival

This Danish Music Festival is one of the largest in Europe and dates back to 1971. It is held near Roskilde and was set up by two students. It was initially geared toward the hippy crowd, and while it does retain that feel, it has been expanded to attract a more mainstream audience. In the 1990s, the organisers decided to diversify the acts and the genres of music played, which led to a huge influx of foreign tourists. It routinely attracts more that 150,000 people and often features close to 200 bands playing over the entire session.

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