Musicals, Opera, Theatre and Ballet

It is a fact of life that some people prefer a more cultured form of entertainment than others and that’s where Musicals, Opera, Theatre and Dance come in.


Musicals are perhaps the most crossover form of higher-brow entertainment because they appeal to people who like opera, theatre and film. The two biggest places on earth of musical productions are Broadway in New York and the West End in London. Some of the biggest productions ever include Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera and Chicago. Some children’s films have also been turned into fully fledged musicals such as The Lion King and Aladdin.


Opera is a form of entertainment that dates back hundreds of years. It usually involves the telling of a story through symphony music and singing by the main actors. The main protagonists are usually the tenor who is the male lead and the soprano who plays the female lead. The Baritone is a male support singer. Some of the most popular operas in the world include La Traviata, the Marriage of Figaro and Carmen.


Theatre is a form of entertainment that goes back thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and the Romans put on incredible plays that were masterpieces in their own time and today. It was William Shakespeare that brought theatre back with his productions at the Globe. Many of his plays are still put on as productions today, but there is also contemporary theatre which is penned by modern day writers to reflect the reality of today’s world.


Ballet’s roots come from the Renaissance period in Italy, and it later developed from a courtesy into a full blown dancing discipline. It is highly skilled and normally features a huge troop of dancers. Ballet attempts to tell a story through music and dance.

Some of the most popular ballet productions include Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliette and Swan Lake.

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